A Few Interesting Questions And Answers About Jewellery

Is White Gold More Expensive Than Yellow Gold?

Gold's natural color is yellow, which means that the purest gold, which would be the most expensive should be yellow. White gold usually doesn't go farther than 75% purity, in other words, 18 carat. To obtain the white hue, gold has to be alloyed with other metals, like silver for example. Most white gold fashion jewellery is plated with rhodium, for that very shiny look. Now, depending on the metal  

the gold was alloyed with, or the design of a certain piece of jewellery, white gold may or may be not more expensive than yellow gold.

What's The Best Way To Store Jewellery? 

In general, most people use bags made of soft fabric, like velvet or satin to use jewellery. Or, jewellery can also be kept in ornate special jewellery boxes, lined also with soft material. The most important aspect to consider regarding jewellery storing is the hardness of the metals and stones that they contain. A piece of jewellery that contains a gem with high hardness, like a diamond (10 on Mohs scale) for example, can cause scratches on other pieces of jewellery. Therefore, each piece of jewellery, ring, pendant, earrings etc, is best to be stored separately in its own container.

What Corrodes or Oxidizes Metals in Jewellery?

Depending on the alloy a certain piece of jewellery is made, it can be corroded or oxidized by various agents. 

For example, silver can become tarnished if it is exposed to wate or air containing ozone or hydrogen sulfide. Silver is also attacked by oxidizers like potassium dichromate or permanganate.

The most common compound that attacks gold is chlorine. So, if you have golden jewellery, keep them out of the swimming pool water which usually has a high contents of chlorine, to kill the germs. Also, don't handle wet clothes washed with detergents that contain chloride, wearing your rings.

Platinum is corroded by sulfur, cyanides and most caustic alkalis, and also by halogens. 

Which Is The Best Way To Clean Gems?

Usually water, mild soap and even Windex, can remove the dirt accumulated on most gemstones. The common window cleaner doesn't usually leave the normal water spots on gems. However, it's important that the gems are wiped afterwards with a soft piece of cloth. 

Porous gems or organic gems like pearls can be sensitive to various cleaning agents, so whatever doesn't come of with just water, might require a special cleaner. 

Ultrasonic gem cleaning can be quite indicated for certain gems, however, for different ones, especially gems that already have fractures or are really fragile, is not indicated. 


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